Kid-Friendly Exercise Ideas

It can be really difficult to get your kids to exercise these days. They are so involved with video and computer games as well as their homework, that they dont seem to think about exercising at all. As a parent you need to come up with some inventive ways of getting your kids outside into the fresh air.

The first tip that I can give you is to make exercise fun and more of a game. This can be done in several ways.
Going for a scenic hike
Playing a game of soccer, volleyball or baseball with your kids
Going for a family bike ride
Going camping for a weekend
Jumping rope
Using an outdoor trampoline
Swimming at the pool or beach

For example if the entire family goes on a camping trip your kids can go looking for firewood, swimming and even fishing. This provides them with exercise and fun at the same time.

Back at home even building a new picnic table or tree fort is exercise. You dont have to think about running or doing pushups and jumping jacks to get exercise. The more fun and less like a regimented exercise the activity is, the more likelihood your child will enjoy their time and want to do it again.

It really is important to get your children into the habit of exercising regularly. Obesity in children in the Western world is at an all time high. This is mainly due to lack of exercise both at home and because of cutbacks in the education system. Many schools today offer very limited programs when it comes to sports.

Other easy tips to encourage your kids to exercise more are to get them to take the stairs instead of using an elevator. As a family when you visit the mall park your car further away so everyone has to walk further to get to the entrance.

Get into the habit of going for a family walk or go swimming together on the weekends. Depending on where you live you can go ice skating or cross country ski-ing and even skateboarding together. This way you are actually practicing what you preach to your children and this can make a huge difference.

Setting limits for television, video, computer and cell phones is sometimes a necessity in order to get your children active again. As your child becomes more active they will sleep better, have more energy and will probably lose a few pounds in the process too.