Barbell Biceps Curls Targets Abs

If you thought that the One Arm Dumbbell Preacher Curls is hard, well…lets just say that the barbell biceps curls is a workout that is not meant for beginners. This exercise combines the use of heavy weights with a special movement that helps to place virtually all the pressure exactly where you want it on the muscles of your abs. Some people would prefer to work with a trainer until they get used to the exercise

Yes, everyone wants to Get Ripped, but as mentioned earlier on, this exercise is NOT MEANT for beginners! If you have mastered all the exercises that have been explained to you in the past series, then you are good to go.

What You Will Need to Perform This Exercise
In order to perform this exercise, you will need a large barbell, two weight plates that weigh ten pounds (at least) and two weight clips.

How to Perform the Barbell biceps Curls

First set the weight plates on the barbell, then use the clips to hold the weight plates close to the middle of the barbell as much as possible. These plates need to spin freely this way, the barbell will roll (they mustnt wobble).

Then, kneel in front of the barbell, make sure that your knees are shoulder width apart; you should have a firm grip of the barbell with both hands. Ensure that your hands are a bit wider than shoulder width apart.

You should extend both feet behind you this way, your body weight will balance on not just your toes but also on your straight arms as well. Your arms should of course be straight but not locked.

Now, roll the barbell ahead of you in way that your body drops almost to the floor. But you will need to nearly lock your arms to do this. Keep looking forward and down and also make sure that your body is in a straight line.

You will then need to push the barbell and yourself back into the push-up position. Make sure you dont bend your arms or even arch your back when performing this exercise. Ensuring that you keep your body straight will of course need serious concentration on your part and a lot of abdominal strength.

You can repeat this exercise for as many times as you please. But at first, you should do few repetitions in every set and also make sure that you take note of your body position. As you begin to gain endurance and your comfort level with this exercise rises, then you can go on to increase the number of repetitions. You need to understand that it is a lot better (and safer) to do fewer repetitions and execute them perfectly than to do lots of repetitions and do them incorrectly.

It is important to immediately stop if you feel any back or neck pain while performing this exercise and consult your physician before you even attempt to do the barbell biceps curls again.